For us, this is not just business. Our drive is the passion to share the convenience and benefits of healthy living by making pure natural oats available in flour form for such purposes as baking cakes, pancakes, bread, making fufu, etc. You can make different meals out of oats, but the tedium of grinding the natural seeds into flour can be discouraging. Our many years of eating oat meals in different forms with amazing health benefits inspired us to spread the good news. Royal Oats, a part of our Healthy Living Foods brand, fills the gap to ensure that everyone can now enjoy the purest oats in their finest flour form. We use only wholegrain (pure natural) British oats, grown by local U.K farmers. Welcome to the world of Royal oats and hope you will spread the good news!

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Healthy Living Foods Ltd is the parent company for the Royal Oatmeal and Healthy Stories Tea brands. We’re head quartered in London, UK and are very passionate about creating foods that are good for you. Our oats are grown locally in the UK as part of our aim to bring you only the best in tasy good ‘ol oats.

We have created the Healthy Living Foods brand for everyone to enjoy, especially families, healthy eaters, sportsmen and sportswomen. We want you to enjoy the goodness that we have long been enjoying ourselves.