Enjoy delicious pastries and meals made with Healthy Living Foods oats. Our conveniently packed oats are wrapped with goodness of good old oats and have never been easier for you to prepare at home.



Scientifically, oats are known as Avena sativa. The super whole-grain food has many health advantages as studies find. At Healthy Living Foods, we are so passionate about oats and bring you whole grain oats, not refined grains. Refined grains are missing some vital bit and we want you to have only the best.

At Healthy Living Foods, we make sure that, during the milling processes, the bran and germ are untouched, leaving the whole grains intact. The super-rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals are preserved, and brought to you to enjoy as a whole.

Just some of the reasons oats are a superfood


  • Low in fat and saturated fat.
  • Medium glycaemic Index.
  • High in soluble fibre.
  • Can help lower cholesterol
  • Low in salt and sugar.
  • Contain a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • Deliciously flexible: Oats can be added to sweet and savoury foods.
  • Easy to cook: It can be made in the microwave in three minutes.
  • Oats Can Keep you Full for Longer, Which Can Help you Lose Weight.



Eat oats as part of your healthy diet to loose weight or stay fit. Alongside your healthy regime, make oats your go-to meal and ingredient for everything from a delicious filling breakfast, a pre-workout meal, lunch, dinner, dessert or snack. Set realistic goals for yourself – long-term goals always work best.

Why wait until you have lost weight to enjoy a muffin, pancake or sumptuous dessert? Get some great ideas from our recipes board for delicious treats that are low in calories and good for you. Adding oats to your healthy eating habits will no doubt help you loose weight, feel energetic and stay fit.